Monumental Seville

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    Its Mysteries and Legends

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    Sevilla and its Streets

    • Hombre de Piedra (Stone Man)

      Hombre de Piedra (Stone Man) {plgcercanias 211} In the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, linking the street of Santa Clara with that of Jesus del Gran Read More
    • Laraña

      Laraña {plgcercanias 124} At least since 1584 it is known as the street of the Company, or Company of Jesus, by Read More
    • Candilejo

      Candilejo {plgcercanias 208} Pedro the 1th, the Cruel or the Self-Righteous, according to who makes the chronicles, was a king who Read More
    • Gavidia Square

      Gavidia Square {plgcercanias 127} The denomination of this place constitutes one of the clearest cases of survival of the traditional place-name, in Read More
    • Alameda de Hércules

      Alameda de Hércules {plgcercanias 214} In 1574, the Count of Barajas drained with ditches the lands where the avenue was to be built, Read More
    • Susona

      Susona {plgcercanias 217} In this case it is not appropriate to speak of legend, but of history, since all the facts Read More
    • Hernando Colón (The baddecapitated)

      Hernando Colón (The baddecapitated) {plgcercanias 220} There is a legend, recounted first by Ortiz de Zúñiga, later by Justino Matute and finally rescued by Read More
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